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  1. What is Magazine Communications P. Ltd.?
  2. How should I make payment?
  3. Can I get previous issues of magazines?
  4. How should I send an article/editorial for publication in magazines?
  5. How should I take an ad quotation for my preferred magazine?
  6. How do I change my address?
  7. What if an issue does not arrive?
  8. If I subscribe, how long will it take to receive my first issue?
  9. If I canít provide you with artwork/creative for my advertisement insertion, can you be of assistance?
  10. Why should I advertise in the magazine media?
  11. What is Institutional Magazine?
  12. What is special interest Magazine?
  13. What is general interest magazine?
  14. What is trade magazine?
  15. How can I get my required magazine if it is not in the list?