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Magazine Title : Industrial Products Finder
Category : Trade Magazines (B2B)
Sub Category : Others
Location : India
Language : English
Frequency : Monthly
Annual Subscription (Within India) : Rs 3600.00
About the Magazine

Industrial Products Finder was visualised and conceived as an industrial new-products-news monthly by R. V. Pandit, and was launched as such in October 1972. Right from the first issue, more than 40 years ago, the magazine contained unique features. It showcased exactly what the name of the magazine proclaimed: Industrial Products Finder. It carries only advertisements on industrial products, which is awaited news in industry circles. The magazine, being industry-centric in nature, is made available only through prepaid annual (1-year and 3-year, and 5-year) subscriptions to businesses, industries and technical/managerial personnel, so as to avoid wastage. All of the above continues to be so even today. The annual publication of Industrial Products Finder - comes with more than 1000 industrial product profiles and almost an equal number of paid advertisements. IPF Annual is widely used as a reference manual by the industry, having a longer shelf-life than any other industrial magazine of its kind.